With You Every Step of The Way


No matter what your vision, budget or scope of work is, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Until then, we might be able to answer some of your questions here.


How much does custom furniture or cabinetry cost?
The scope of the work, materials, finishes and of course your budget will be taken into consideration when we quote your project. The cost will also include all research and development, drawings, materials, time, delivery and installation.

Do you craft heirloom or bespoke pieces?
Yes, everything we do is custom and one of a kind.

Can I afford your work?
While custom furniture or cabinetry cannot be crafted for less than MSRP of major furniture chains, we endeavour to furnish you with the best product possible within your budget.

Is there a project too small?
No project is too small, however, due to scheduling it could take weeks to turn around.

How do I get my project kicked-off?
Let’s start with a consultation, wherever you’re most comfortable, either at your home or in the shop. We’ll go through a creative brief to determine the scope of your idea, materials, finishing and timelines. Once we’ve received your materials/start-up deposit we will develop drawings (if necessary) and schedule a completion date.

How do I select the right variety of wood for my project?
With reference and consultation, we can help you arrive at the right choice of material for your project based on your idea and your budget. We work with sustainably-sourced domestic woods from the only two reputable suppliers in Southern Ontario. From these suppliers, materials are felled, stored, kiln/air dried and seasoned to true industry standards.

Are wood finishes toxic?
Some finishes are highly toxic, which is why we don’t use them. We use low to no VOC, environmentally friendly finishes. If your project does require toxic finishing, we do have friends in the industry that will do the finishing for us.

Do I need drawings to get a quote?
You don’t necessarily need drawings, but you do need dimensions and a clear description of what you’re looking for. From there, we can commission drawings (if need be) as part of the overall cost of the project.

Can I get a quote from a reference photo / can you reproduce a piece from a reference photo?
A photo is very helpful as a first step in determining the scope of the project. Let’s talk about your reference photo as a springboard to flesh out the full scope of your needs.

How long does it take to complete custom furniture or cabinetry?
While fortunately we are very busy, projects can typically be turned around within 3 to 6 weeks, from receipt of your materials/start-up deposit depending on availability of materials and scope project.

I need something that is made from more materials than just wood, can you help?
While wood is our primary medium, we also liaise with a roster of very talented metalworkers, glass, acrylic and lighting technicians in order to assemble all the elements needed to provide you with a beautiful finished product.

Do you restore antique furniture?
While we are not restorers, we can refer you to reputable restorers with many years of experience.

Can you use wood from my backyard to make furniture or cabinetry?
Yes, we can and we have crafted some beautiful pieces from materials sourced from our client’s own properties. If you have a tree that needs to be felled, we can arrange for an arborist to do so at an incremental fee. The material will need to be dried and seasoned properly, which demands time and patience.